Is yoohoo a bad drink for the environment?



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    I mean, theoretically any disposably-packaged drink is a bad drink for the environment. Yoohoo is made from highly-processed ingredients, so it’s a very energy-intensive choice as well. It contains 2 forms of corn syrup. Corn grown for corn syrup is almost always grown as a monoculture, non-organic crop, which is very resource and energy intensive, and can be very polluting. It also contains dairy (the production of which is also resource/energy intensive.) You’re much better off with water, but if you MUST have something other than water, why not look for some fruit juice? Depending on where you live, you may be able to find some relatively locally-made juice. I live in New York, and there’s an orchard from the FInger Lakes region that sells apple juice at a nearby farmer’s market.

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