Write a note on the managerial roles and skills.



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    *Role: In general a manager’s role is to be a role model. Someone their employees can trust and feel comfortable to ask questions and know they will get an answer. If that question cannot be answered on the spot, they should at least try to find the answer. The golden rule is that when you are starting out as a manager. You’re fresh meat. You need to meet your workers at eye-level and understand that in order to gain respect you also need to give respect.

    1. Trustworthy

    2. Know how to play the game especially if an employee acts out of line – a manager needs to know how to draw the line.

    3. Fear is not the answer, it creates rebellion and you WILL lose dedicated great workers who do as they are told and complete their jobs with the best of their ability.

    4. Encouragement and support is necessary to boost your employees if they are:
    a. Have NO experience what so ever.
    b. Lack a sense of direction on how to drive your company towards the main goal
    c. Made a mistake

    5. Fairness is vital. A manager is the judge of every situation that happens. Whether it’s between customer vs. customer, customer vs. employee, or employee vs. employee

    6. You have to have Guts and Faith in your employees, if you know something is up, point it out, and correct it. But if something is being wrongfully accused and you know all the facts, you must also be there to support your employees

    7. Patience is vital as well. We are all human and we will make mistakes. So expect mistakes and treat everyone the way you are expecting to be treated. Don’t be a jerk.

    8. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!! You’re not a mind-reader and your employees most certainly are not as well. So talk to each other. That’s why we have a voice. So make use of it!

    As a manager you have tasks that need to be done. It’s a TEAM effort. Yes, you are in charge but you cannot sit back and just let your employees do all the work. Think back to elementary school – if you paid a nerd to finish your homework, presentation comes up and you’re picked first. You think you’re going to know your work. No. In the end that nerd that you paid to do your homework may outdo you in the workforce and may be the one to run you!

    *Skills: You need to know your all your homework in order for you to teach others. If you don’t know it do some outside research. It doesn’t hurt. So go for it! You’re the role model that your employees are expecting the answer to their questions.

    It’s a lot but you can do it!

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