Would you not have kids to save the environment?

Currently, the world’s population is at 7 billion. The growth from 6 billion to 7 billion occurred in just over 10 years. Natural resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, water and air pollution, climate change, etc… can all be traced back to the growing human population and growing consumption of natural resources. What are your thoughts?



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    Perhaps, but it also depends upon my personal preference and if I’d ever feel like having kids (presently I do not). While I think population growth is a problem and I fear nearing caring capacity I think what is a bigger problem is the way people currently treat the environment. There are lifestyle choices that could be made in order to affect the environment in positive ways. Business practices could become more environmentally friendly, waste procedures could be changed, and laws could enforce reducing, reusing, and recyling. So, while I understand the threat to the world the rising population of humans poses, I also think our environmental problems are multifaceted and can be handled more efficiently on a worldwide scale. Of course, birth control and sex education should be promoted, but we have other problems endangering the world and contributing to it’s environmental problems.

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    Yes, I’m not planning on having children. I might adopt someday, but that’s a long way off in the future. Birth control was one of humanity’s best inventions. Thanks to birth control, more and more families are choosing to be happy without having children. Personally, I think it is unfair to use terms like “starting a family” instead of “having children” because it relies on an assumption that a family is not complete without children.

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    Yes. Children or, more appropriately, humans are environmental catastrophes.

    Consider adoption. To have children just to pass on your blood line is kind of selfish.

    I  believe there are many children without parents who could use good ethical, green parents. Children are the future. I would love to adopt children, or even open an orphanage where I can raise children who care about each other and the environment.

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