Would you eat GMO food if you knew you were eating it?



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    Personal opinion – no.  Genetically modified foods intend to be healthier, less risky choices based on … well, genetic modifications.  I understand the idea, but I don’t like the idea of tampering with the natural foods that have helped the human race thrive to this point.  Admittedly, I’m also a big believer in germs, the thinking being that if I keep myself in a totally sterile environment, my body won’t be able to handle a completely foreign germ when that inevitable day comes.  So no, this guy stays away from GMO foods.

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    Personally, I make my best attempts to avoid GMO’s; from baking my own bread to buying foods from local farmers. I believe that the Earth has provided us with everything to we need to survive. The links below are to two documentaries I found helpful in my decision to avoid GMO’s. I highly recommend A Beautiful Truth, I found it both very shocking and entertaining.

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    I will eat GMO foods because they are everywhere, and unless i prepared all of my own food at home they would be unavoidable. For this reason, I will eat at a restaurant which is not advertised as 100% organic. However, I eat organic as often as I possibly can. I do not buy anything that is not organic at the market, so there is nothing GMO at my home. This approach to GMOs has worked very well for me, and it is vitally important I believe to support the organic industry by buying organic as often as possible. It isn’t right that some families have to eat McDonald’s because organic broccoli costs more money… but in a supply and demand economy such as ours we have the power of demand, which increases supply, and then prices go down. If more people keep shopping organically, eventually Americans could be healthy again. 

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