Would it be safe to build renewable energy on top of brownfields?



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    Now, this would actually be down to the type of renewable energy, and where the brown field is located.  Technically, energy facilities such wind and thermal cannot be built within a city area: equipment conflicts with the health of structural integrity, and windmills can be dangerous around urban populations.  Donna Bankey has a good article on wind energy, as cited.

    Other forms of energy, mainly hydroelectric, have more of a city by city policy, but a constant, flowing water source needs to be nearby of course.  Most cities allow such with proper permits.  This will require communication with local government building and zoning departments.

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    yes, it would be ok to build a solar farm on a brown field.  It might be too expensive to be practical though.  To be able to build on the site, the owner would need to clean the land up. 

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