Is wool warmer than cotton?



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    Wool is better at warming you. They both will warm you effectively, but wool regulates moisture so you don’t get hot and sweaty, as you would with cotton. 

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    Yes, wool is warmer than cotton – this is a simple fact of physics!  We all know just from looking and feeling that wool is bulkier than cotton – cotton “breathes,” making it great for hot summer days, but this fact makes it a poor choice for warmth.  Wool does not breathe – it traps air, and retains heat.  Neither wool nor cotton is as warm as fleece, despite fleece being less bulky than wool.

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    I think that nore wool or cotton are warm and all i can say is that fleece keeps you warmer even when wet. I also know that cotton and wool make you sweat and that’s why cotton traps the sweat and of course you don’t want that in chilly days so now you know my answer.

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