Will humans eventually evolve and gain the tools/skills to breathe underwater?



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    Evolution takes thousands of years to occur. If humans needed to adapt to breathing underwater in the future, it is possible that after millennia people would adapt. If they needed this skill but did not adapt, they would go extinct. However, there would have to be a lot of water covering areas which are currently land before humans would need to acquire such a skill. People have tools today for breathing under water which scuba divers and other deep water swimmers will use.

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    It’s unlikely. Humans have always been terrestrial beings. If our terrestrial habitats and ecosystems were to be become inundated with water permanently (say from an extreme case of climate change), it would be hard for humans to keep up biologically and adapt in time. Evolution and natural selection take a great deal of time and many generations to take place. I see breathing underwater as more of a synthetic solution developed by science, much like synthetic organs are being constructed to work in place of failing human organs.



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