Will electric cars replace gasoline cars in the near future?



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    It could very well be possible.  As of now, only about 7% of the US owns an electric car.  The way it stands now, though, the rising efficiency in the technology of electric vehicles is a force not to be ignored.  Check out the citation for a full list of pros and cons, and notice that the pros far outweigh the cons, which was not true 5 years ago.

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    I think so.  Right now, not a lot of people are buying new cars.  Those who are have fairly limited options when it comes to EVs, and far more options with gas-powered cars – so there’s a better chance of them finding ‘the one’ from the larger pool.  Add to that the cost of EVs vs. gas-powered vehicles … EVs typically cost more up front right now.  Over time, three things are sure to happen:  a) people will be buying more new cars, b) the available options in the EV sector will increase, and c) the prices of EVs will drop relative to gas-powered vehicles.  I think these three factors will result in an eventual replacement of gas-powered vehicles.

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