Why was Sun chips compostable bag discontinued?



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    Apparently putting up with a “noisy” bag of chips for environmental sake is asking too much, even from proponents of going green. Recently Frito-Lay, the manufacturer of Sun Chips, pulled their 100% compostable packaging due to negative feedback from its customers. After further investigation it was discovered that the bag noise effected where and when one can dig into it. It’s more than conceivable that handling this noisy snack during a lecture, a meeting or any other place where ‘attention on you’ is not desired could bring hesitation to its consumption. Well, back to the original packaging, until Frito-Lays’ research and development can engineer 100% compostable materials easier on the ear.

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      Wow… really strong and startling answer. I do admit that I was taken back when I bought my first bag of sun chips that had a compostable bag. Yes, it was noisy but I just assumed that was a reasonable trade-off for it being environmentally friendly… I guess now we should boycott the old bags until they bring back compostable ones! Thanks for the info intothebackcountry!

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      Thanks for the good word! yeah not very encouraging is it. One of my friends stopped purchasing the chips because of the fear he would wake the baby. For a while he just transferred the contents of a bag into an airtight container. Seems like a good idea, not sure why he stopped.

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