Why is the range of electric vehicles so limited?



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    because they are wayyy to exspensive and their are not as many plugs for them. They do not last very long.

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    EVs usually have a 40-100 mile range before needing to be recharged.  This is about the same range that hybrid vehicle will run on pure electricity before they have to switch over to gas.  There are different battery technologies that all have different ranges – from lead-acid batteries around 40m to lithium-ion batteries around 250m.  EVs are limited in range for the same reason your remote control is limited in usage before the batteries need recharging/replacing – batteries are inherently limited.  As battery technology evolves, the range for EVs will grow.

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    The range of electric vehicles is short due to the large amounts of power it takes to run a car.  Only so many batteries can fit into a vehicle without losing the practicality (and affordability) of the vehicle.  Typical electric vehicles will run 40-100 miles per charge, depending on the type of battery and the quantity.  As technology continues to advance, I believe Lithium-ion batteries will become more affordable and add significant range to electric vehicles.  We must remember that electric vehicles are still in the testing period, they have a long way to go before they become mainstream.  During the month of August 2009, hybrid vehicles only made up 3% of total vehicle sales in the United States.

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