Why is olive oil so expensive?



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    Olive oil is expensive because it takes a lot of time and labor to make. Handpicking is widely used to ensure that olives are picked when they are most ripe. The second reason that olive oil is expensive is because it takes a lot of olives to make a little oil. Since the actual mass of the olive is not used, there is only a tiny bit of oil in each olive.

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    This issue relates to the slippery separation between extra-virgin and regular olive oil that consumers and producers are grappling with. Extra-virgin is the stuff that is often wildly expensive- $15-20 per bottle or so at many grocery stores. But recent studies show that many of these products are actually mixed with cheaper oils. “Extra virgin” is supposed to be of higher value and standard because it is extracted without the use of heat or chemicals, giving it a superior quality and taste. It is often labeled for double the price of regular olive oils. A study showed that 69% of imported oils and 10% of domestic oils that were labeled “extra virgin” failed to reach those standards. So one answer to your question might be, “because consumers are willing to pay so much.”

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