why my rabbit screams

has been off food and water for five days



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    You need to take your rabbit to see a vet as soon as possible.  Typically, rabbits only make a screaming noise if they or hurt or dying – I am terribly sorry. 

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    I used to have a rabbit and my dog got a hold of it, and so it started screaming. Then it was dead. I seriously hope your rabbit gets better.

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    Rabbits only scream because they are in intense pain or very frightened.  Try to analyze when your rabbit screams.  Is it as you are walking up to it?  As you pick it up?  If there are other people or pets around?  If nothing such as a dog or cat is around to frighten your rabbit, then it is most likely sick.  Take it to a vet as soon as you can, because if it hurts enough to scream, it is very serious.  Rabbits do make a low grunting sound when they get territorial. especially as you reach in to feed them.  This sound is normal, but if your bunny screams, then it is quite upset and the situation needs to be figured out.

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