why is land pollution bad for the environment?



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    Land pollution is poisons seeping into the soil. Depending upon what kind of pollution, it usually does not stay in one place. Rain will cause runoff and the pollutants will be swept into gullies, which feed into creeks, that lead to rivers and lakes and eventually the ocean. Rain can spread pollution thousands of miles.  Just look at the Mississippi River basin – it drains a huge portion of the US through its tributaries. If pollution is in a place with little rainfall, then its chances of spreading hundreds of miles slims considerably. However, it harms or wipes out plants and animals in the region just the same. Damage can last hundreds of years depending on what type of pollutants leaked.

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    Land pollution is frequently caused by hazardous toxins and chemicals leaking into the ground and air. Many Superfund Sites, which are sites that have been designated in the US for their extreme pollution and require cleaning, are due to land pollution. Not only can land pollution leak into ground water and spread through loose top soil, it can harm locals just by being nearby. People who live near toxic sites often have birth defects, shorter life spans, and chemical induced diseases. The dangers of land pollution are so great that landfills have to be sealed so no air can leak in or out, making decomposition in landfills nearly impossible. 

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