why isn’t environmentalism seen as being cool?



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    Environmentalism isn’t seen as “cool” yet because the hegemonic power base has not adopted its point of view yet. Once more and more think being green is cool, it will eventually catch on in the main stream media facets and take hold. I think it is cool, but maybe I have a skewed point of view with a degree in geography…. On the other hand, I am sure in the future more and more people will adopt the environmental steward point of view, which will make the environmental movement main stream (aka cool).

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    I think its cool, as do many of my colleagues. It is quite trendy in sets other than the environmental professionals with whom I roam though, like celebrities for instance (http://www.treehugger.com/files/2005/01/top_five_ecocel.php). So it really depends on who you socialize with. I for instance think large monster trucks and sports are really, really lame, but most people would argue with me on at least the latter.

    Among those that think it isn’t cool, there could be any number of factors driving their thoughts, like pressure from peers or parents; conditioning to think it is not in the home, workplace or school; lack of education or awareness, etc. It really is a matter of perception on the part of an individual, but if you think its cool, then its cool, and you should try and show your peers some of the great things about the environment (clean rivers are totally awesome to swim in and boulder hop at, for example).

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