Why is Freon better in your cooling system than water?



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    Freon is a brand name by Dupont but is a chemical compound of CFCs. Freon is better for cooling than water because it can get much colder and stay colder with less energy than water can.

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    Freon cooling systems are more practical than water, gas, geothermal or swamp coolers because they use less energy and effectively cool more. This is because cold Freon liquid absorbs heat from air in the house, and cools the air in the process. Eventually, the warm freon boils into a vapor, and travels outside the home, where it disperses the heat. These are properties and capabilities that water (or any other source material for cooling systems) simply does not have, when it comes to cooling one’s home. 

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    In theory, water could be used as a refrigerant just like freon. The problem with water is that, in order to get the kind of boiling temperatures that you get from freon in an air conditioner or refrigerators, the system would have to run under a high vacuum. Due to the problems associated with running such a system, water is not a feasible refrigerant for domestic refrigeration or air conditioning.

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