Why don’t more people take green problems more serious?



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    Some people don’t take environemental issues seriously for many reasons. For climate change, some people just plain don’t believe it’s real. Even this year, articles have been written and statements have been made against the legitimacy of climate change. Another reason why some people can continue to ignore environmental issues is that they don’t feel that human activity has contributed to it. They feel that it is a natural course that would have happened to this extent with or without us. In that sense, they feel no obligation to commit any time or effort toward it. Furthermore, there are individuals who might recognize environmental problems as well as agree that human activities have contributed to it, but they don’t think that it will cause them any harm in their lifetime, so they don’t feel it necessary to act. They think that they’ll be fine, and possibly even their children, so they’re not going to inconvenience their lifestyle to protect the Earth and our surroundings when they won’t be here to see it.

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