Why does your body need to rest?



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    Rest is crucial for our body’s ability to function properly. The amount of sleep a human body needs is contingent on both physical shape and sleeping conditions. During sleep, the body regenerates nerve energy, by conducting low-level electricity. Neurons travel through the body every second of every day, but parts of the brain – the ones that determine consciousness – need to be shut down periodically in order to prevent body fatigue. 

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    All mammals require sleep, and yet we have yet to discover exactly why.  The most obvious theory involves energy – recharging drained areas, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, etc.  A more psychological theory makes sense as well – mammals have brains, therefore they need time to correct errors and process new information, as well as exercise deteriorating areas.  Lots of times a brain will work like a computer without any energy limits, and much like a computer every neurological process is a physical/chemical act that needs time to complete.

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