Why does wind mess with baitfish in the ocean?



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    It is not so much that wind messes with baitfish; it is what the wind does to the tides and currents. Usually, baitfish won’t be blown any one way; they can swim against the current. However, when the wind does blow around their food source, so when they are feeding they will follow around their food source to wherever it is being blown to. Choppy water (due to a wind going the opposite direction as the current) may mean the fish are disoriented and may come nearer to the surface, but according to one fisher you just have to experiment around because each location is different as the baitfish patterns also depend on the structure of the nearby land. To see that fisher’s full advice, just look at the link below. Hope this helps!

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    Wind attracts baitfish by scattering their food. Zooplankton and larva will loosen from weeds and sometimes try to resist windy areas by gathering under windbreakers like bridges. The baitfish will follow their food to these areas, and can become easier to catch. Wind also impairs vision for the fish, and therefore it can have to same effect as fishing at dawn or dusk. It will make it easier to find baitfish because they will have a difficult time avoiding you. 

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