why do people do graffiti?



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    There are many reason but one that is claimed is for graffiti but it is said that the soul purpose of graffiti, is art. Aside from the artistic outlet, there is the fame. Having your name all over the city. The history of graffiti goes dates back to the late 1960’s and early 70’s in New York City. The first noted graffiti artist was “Taki 183”, and he lived on 183rd street in Washington Heights, from then on imitators caught on and evolved.




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    The word graffiti initially referred to inscriptions and drawings found on the walls of ancient ruins.  The term was used to refer to the Catacombs of Rome or Pompeii.  The current use of the word typically refers to vandalism, which can be done for many reasons.  Some people graffiti simply for art, while others use it to express their opinion on political or religious matters.  Many gangs use graffiti to mark areas which they claim to control which has lead to many impostors attempting to lay their claim on a certain area.

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