Why is Bisphenol A harmful?



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    Bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated as BPA, is an artificial compound found in some plastics that has an unfortunate penchant for leaking out into the surrounding environment.   Unlike traditional poisons, it seems to act upon the body’s hormone system, making it dangerous at even at the low levels the FDA currently allows.  It has been linked to a variety of serious health problems, including birth defects, miscarriages, early onset of puberty in girls, and cancer. 

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    There is actually a fantastic article on the harmful effects of BPAs written by panacea88, here on greenanswers:


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    Though the extent to which Bisphenol A is harmful is not fully known, it is currently believed to negatively effect the body’s endocrine system by mimicking hormones.  The Endocrine Society released a statement of concern over the possible effects of BPA in 2009, yet research continues.

    BPA is thought to be most harmful in the earlier stages of fetal development.  There is also some suggestion that BPA my increase the chances for obesity. Other studies suggest that BPA negatively affects memory, learning, and mood.  Further, though controversial, studies indicate a connection between BPA and the development of AD(H)D. 

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