Why is biodiesel not commonly used in the US?



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    Biodiesel has recently been on the path to becoming widely available in the U.S. The fuel is much cleaner, less harmful to health, and is completely biodegradable as opposed to petrodiesel. Although raw sources of biodiesel- such as vegetable oil- are available to everyday people, the process for making biodiesel is dangerous and costly, requiring expensive equipment and materials.

    As you can see by the image below, the U.S. along with much of the world is rapidly expanding its efforts to produce biofuel, largely through financial incentives. The result is that production has increased, while demand is still catching up. One reason that consumers have not completely embraced it is because of its higher cost.

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    Just for comparison to the good information in the other answer, note that 600 million gallons (14 million barrels) of biodiesel per year is tiny compared to 1.3 billion (1300 million) barrels of petrodiesel per year – nearly 100 times the volume of biodiesel. There’s a long way to go.

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