Why are Republicans opposed to high-speed train plans in the US?



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    Historically Republicans have been opposed to rail systems in favor of more wasteful transportation systems such as cars and highways.  Recently there is growing tension over this issue in part due to funding.  Rebublicans are mostly against funds going toward high-speed train systems because they feel that any availalbe transportation funds should go toward highway maintenance.  This to me is short sited approach, and we would be much better off in the long run if we were to embrace high-speed trains.

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    Republicans have voiced concern about high-speed trains in America, concerned that the only location where they would be viable is the Northeast. Republican representative John Mica, who will begin leading the House Transportation Committee in January, recently accused the Obama administration of “squandering money…to spend on trains to nowhere.” The recently elected governors of Wisconsin and Ohio killed proposals to build high-speed rail links in their respective states; Ohio governor John Kasich called it “the dumbest idea” he had ever heard. Both states instead favor spending the money on roads. 

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