Why are people taller now than they ever have been before?



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    Scientific American asked themselves this same questions.  Their answer?—nutrition.  We are pampered a lot more now than we ever have been.  Just as a plant produces more fruit when given much more nitrate and phosphate stimulation, we too are able to be more fruitful.

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    It really comes down to what our body uses to grow bigger and stronger – our diet.  Our overall vitamin/mineral intake has increased largedly over the past couple of centuries, and our advances in medicine have prevented many nutrient-starving diseases.  So as a whole, humans (in certain populations) have been ALLOWED to grow larger – it seems as if the humans of yestercentury were actively stunting their growth, and the average height today is more indicative of what it ‘should’ be, under more optimal conditions.

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    It can also be due to natural selection.

    We select our mates by appearance, and other things, but mostly appearance. A lot of women like taller men.

    I’m sure it is mostly due to nutrition, however I can’t decline the idea and role of natural selection.

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