why are penguins endangered?



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    Several species of penguin are being listed as either threatened or endangered, most due to habitat loss and loss of prey stemming from global warming.  The African penguin, the yellow-eyed penguin, white-flippered penguin, Fiordland-crested penguin, erect-crested penguin and the Humboldt penguin are all currently threatened and seeking endangered status.  Some species, like the emperor penguin and macaroni penguin, are not threatened.

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    Species of penguins that are endangered is mainly due to the actions of humans.  For example, oil spills can injure or kill penguins by poisoning or blinding them.  Also, oil is not readily soluble in water, so the oil will remain in the water and in a penguins feathers unless cleaned by human intervention.  A penguin’s food supply can also be diminished due to over fishing of the ocean by people.  This is just a couple of explanations, but many species of penguins can be affected by humans in a variety of ways.

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