Why are mangroves endangered in many parts of the world?



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    Mangroves are coastal trees, literally growing right on the edge of where water meets earth.  Our rising sea levels are directly responsible for the endangerment of mangroves – that, along with our agricultural sprawl.  If mangroves had room to migrate back away from the rising sea, they would be able to do so, limiting their danger.  But since mangroves in many areas grow in a thin strip between farms and the sea, they have no room to migrate.

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    30% of the world’s mangroves have been lost within the past 30 years. Mostly, this has occurred due to active campaigns from organisations like to World Bank to promote shrimp aquaculture in developing nations, particularly Sth-East Asia. Additionally, mangroves exist at the interface between the land and the sea, with increasing population pressure in the coastal zone, mangroves are replaced for urban development or over-harvested as a wood resource.

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