Why are lion populations getting smaller?



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    Lions – as well as wildebeest, water buffalo, giraffes and zebras – are declining in numbers for many reasons. Experts cite lack of resources, human infringement upon habitats and the ever-common practice of hunting animals for bushmeat as the primary reasons, though lions are a special case. The large cats have often been the target of hunters that believe they are a threat to human populations – which they can be, as a result of human settlement on land that lions use for hunting. 

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    Hunting and poaching are two threats to lion populations. In some areas of Africa, they are killed as part of a religious ritual. However, climate change recently had negative effects on their numbers. A drought in Africa caused the outbreak and spread of two diseases in lions, the combination of which killed many. One was the canine distemper virus and the other was a blood parasite transferred to the lions as they fed on infected prey. 

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    I think that like a lot of other animal populations, the lion population is decreasing because of the human population increasing. As more people are born everyday, cities and towns are expanding into animal territory. The human population can jeopordize the existence of many animal species, and this is a problem biologists have been studying.

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    Humans are growing and they build on their territory. Which means less room for the lions. If the lions get too close to the people’s farms and land, they tend to attack and then the humans kill them. Another factor is the humans tend to kill off their prey sources and they tend to go after easier, more vulnerable targets…….. us. When there are too many deathes  accoring by lions, the authorities are forced to take action and destroy them.

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