Why are Levi’s waterless jeans more environment friendly?



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    Levi’s Water<Less jeans is the latest in Levi’s sustainability initiative.  A modest change in the final process of production will reduce water consumption by at least 28% per jean.  The Levi company was able to reduce water use by combining and reducing washing machine cycles, incorporating ozone processing into the garment washing, and removing water use from the stone washing process.

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    Levi’s took a little more than a year to develop a new finishing process for their jeans that would save water, part of their eco-friendly initiative.  Since jeans are typically washed between three and ten times before they are sold (using over 40 liters of water per wash), Levi’s used various water-saving techniques including the incorporation of ozone processing – converting oxygen to ozone, a strong oxidizer – to save an estimated sixteen million liters of water in their Spring 2011 collection alone.


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