why are crayons toxtic



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    The vast majority of crayons are actually non-toxic.  Some varieties have been recalled however due to lead content.  Here’s a list of those brands:


  2. “12 Jumbo Crayons,” Concord Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA.
  3. “Safe 48 Non-Toxic I’m a Toys “R” Us Kid! Crayons,” Toys “R” Us, Paramus, NJ.
  4. “12 Crayons, Glory” and “18 Crayons That Paint, Conforms ASTM D-4236,” Glory Stationery Manufacturing Company Limited, Los Angeles, CA.
  5. “64 Crayons, School Quality, No. 8064,” A.J. Cohen Distributors, Hauppauge, NY.
  6. “64 Crayons, #CR 64-64 CT,” Baum Imports, New York, NY.
  7. “12 Super Jumbo Crayons,” Dynamic Division of Agora International, St. Albans, NY.
  8. “8 Crayons, No 5 CL 850,” Dynamic Division of Agora International, St. Albans, NY.
  9. “Fun Time 72 Crayons, No. B541,” Overseas United, New York, NY.
  10. “64 Crayons, Kidz Biz,” Bargin Wholesale, Los Angeles, CA.
  11. “64 Crayons, SKU#51-02600,” Universal International, Minneapolis, MN.
  12. “Feido, 12 Crayons, No. CC8812,” Kipp Brothers Inc., Indianapolis, IN
  13. Side note: The Toxic Crayons would be an excellent band name.


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