Why is the arctic region changing so rapidly?



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    The Arctic region is melting fast due to global warming – it could contain no ice at all during summers by the end of the century, if the current warming trends continue.  Over the last five years, an average of 240 cubic kilometers of ice are lost each year.  The Arctic is a prime example of the damage caused directly by global warming, and global warming directly caused by humans’ use of fossil fuels that deplete the ozone layer.

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    The Arctic’s plant and wildlife species rely on cold conditions to survive.  Through thousands of years of evolution, these animals and plants thrive in what would be otherwise inhospitable land.  Permafrost, a thick layer of year-round ice, is present under a large portion of the soil.  This layer supports the tundra and black spruce that many species rely on for food and shelter.  Glaciers, ice packs, and permafrost are all disappearing due to rising temperatures.  Since this region needs cold temperatures in order to stay frozen and provide the proper food and habitats for animals and plants, it is seeing devastating change quickly because the ice is melting.

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