Why is the Arab world facing a growing water crisis?



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    Water is scarce in the Arab region – and it’s becoming more scarce due to population growth and poor management.  The world average for water share is 6500 cubic meters per capita.  Currently, the annual average share per capita in the Arab region is below 1000 cubic meters, which falls in the category of ‘water scarcity’.  It’s projected to be below 500 cubic meters as early as 2015, which falls into the category of ‘severe water stress’. 


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    Additionally, widespread climate change caused desertification is making clean and reliable water sources more and more scarce in the Arab world.  Climate change has caused droughts in Syria that have displaced hundreds of thousands through little or no access to water.  Changing climate has been cited as a catalyst speeding up desertification trends already in place due to over-expansion and irresponsible resource management.

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