Who was the first country to use factory farming?



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    America was the first country to begin factory farming on a large scale and has led globally in the industry, full stop, ever since.  The advent of factory farming came about in the 1920s when vaccines, antibiotics, and synthetic fertilizers began to become readily available for farmers across the country.  Much of the technology from the industrial revolution had also began to spread to the agricultural and livestock industries.  This allowed for larger numbers of chickens to be grown in much smaller spaces for a fraction of the cost.  Chickens would also be healthier and production would become more consistent.  Since then, powerful corporate food lobbies in the US have kept a majority of our consumption livestock in these factory farms.

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    Factory farming began in America during the 1920’s directly after the discovery of vitamins A and D. If animals ingest these vitamins then they don’t need the usually necessary exercise and sunlight in order for them to grow. This discovery was the catalyst for mass production and storage of these animals, due to efficiency and economic benefits.

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