Who started the idea of dumpster pools?



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    If by dumpster pools you mean the swimming pools made from old dumpsters that had popped up this summer in New York City, this was the brainstorm of one David Belt, whose firm Macro Sea installed the first one in Brooklyn last year. Belt thought this would be a fun idea that would make living in NYC in the summer more interesting. Perhaps the idea will spread to other cities as well in future years.

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    Actually, Macro Sea got the idea for dumpster pools from Athens, Georgia, where Curtis Crowe, who leads the band Pylon, had already built dumpster pools. It was after speaking with Curtis Crowe that David Belt, Jocko Weyland, and Alix Feinkind of Macro Sea decided to make their own in Brooklyn. This was not the original brainstorm of David Belt, but an idea borrowed from Curtis Crowe.

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