Who gets credit with coming up with recycling?



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    There is no one person who gets credit for coming up with recycling. Recycling is a process that has been used since the beginning of human time, it’s throwing things away that is relatively new. 

    For example: in the early times of Agriculture, humans discovered that various materials were beneficial in enriching soil and giving it nutrients, such as human and animal waste.

    Another example would be in the middle ages, where producing paper was a rare and expensive process and people would recycle old books and use them for contemporary purposes. If you took a medieval book apart today, you would find that it’s made out of many scraps of other works before the book.

    Recycling was formally introduced to the United States in 1690 when a paper recycling mill was established in Philadelphia by a family with the name of Rittenhouse. 

    The first recycling site in the United States was built in New York City in 1897.

    After all this research, there is still no single person who could get credit for inventing recycling because it was an idea that has been improved over time but has always existed.

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