Who is a famous animal photographer?



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    There are a few today: Steve Parish, Rolf Hicker, and Andy Biggs, to name a few. These are all contemporary photographers who have made a name for themselves by photographing animals in wildlife. They each have different emphases (Biggs specializing in African wildlife, Parish specializing in Australian wildlife, etc.)

    Here are each of their websites:

    Rolf Hicker: http://www.hickerphoto.com/

    Andy Biggs: http://www.andybiggs.com/index.php

    Steve Parish: http://www.steveparish.com.au/

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    One of my favorite photographers of all time is Art Wolfe. Most but not all of his pictures are of wildlife.



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    One really unique wildlife photographer was Hobart Vosburg Roberts, who lived 1874-1959. He was an amateur photographer who was also a part of the emerging conservation movement, following in the footsteps of President Theodore Roosevelt. Roberts was fascinated with animals as they were in their natural environment and would use trip-wire and bait to get an animal to set his camera off without him disturbing or really interacting with the animal at all. He would also use a two-flash system in his night photography, using the first flash to startle animals such as deer into movement and the second flash to capture them on film. His photographs were run in Audubon Magazine, Modern Photography, and National Geographic.

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    Vitaly Nikolaenko spent thrity-three years traveling around the world finding brown bears. Unfortunately, in 2003 a brown bear took his life, mistaking Vitaly as a rival and defending his territory. Vitaly created some really great animal photography during his lifetime.

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    Many of the National Geographic wildlife photographers are renowned within their field. One example is Steve Winter, who won the 2008 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for this photograph of the notoriously elusive snow leopard:

    Steve Winter spent 10 months and 30,000 frames in his quest to photograph the snow leopard. For a video detailing his journey, see the second link below.

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    Frans Lanting is a well known, long time wildlife photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Born in the Netherlands, Frans came to California in the 1970s to study animal behavior and began taking pictures of the California coastline and wildlife to send back to his family in Europe to show them how beautiful it was. This developed into a passion for wildlife photography that has grown into a career for Frans, who has written many books and rotating museum exhibitions around the world.

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    I am a fan of Jim Brandenburg. He has spent many years working for National Geographic and his photos have a wide range of variety. He has an incredible way of not just taking a picture of something beautiful, but of making something beautiful a piece of art. Check out his website for some more amazing photos. 

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    We all have our own preferable animal photographers, but in my opinion, nothing compares to the photography of Tim Flach, not only does he capture beautiful shots at the right moment, he does a variety of zoological photography. It’s [literally] breath-taking and amazing!!!!!!! =D

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