Who created the first hydrogen bomb?



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    It appears that Edward Teller, a scientist who died in September 2003, played a major role in the creation of the first hydrogen bomb, so much so that he was nicknamed “Father of the H-Bomb.” This first hydrogen bomb exploded over the Eniwetok Atoll in 1952 and had an explosive force of 10 million tons of TNT. But he didn’t just create the hydrogen bomb; he also worked on the top-secret Manhattan Project which helped create the first nuclear bombs. Edward Teller was also known for being a stauch supporter of national defense initiatives.

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    It was invented in 1951 by a group of scientists working together in a laboratory, including Edward Teller, Ernest Lawrence, Luis Alvarez, and others. Edward Teller has received high honors for his substantial contributions in the fields of nuclear physics, astrophysics, statistical mechanics, and more. He had also worked on developing the atomic bomb for the Manhattan Project.

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    Why us of course. Here is some propaganda footage that got us to this point and kept us in fear of the Soviets for 50 years.

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