Who is Ai Wei Wei?



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    Ai Wei Weir is a Chinese dissident and artist/activist. He is known for speaking out against the communist rule in China. Wei Wei was a consultant for the look of the Beijing Olympics, most notably the main stadium that looked like a bird’s nest. Here is an example of his artwork:

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    To add on to what kthurber has already stated (which is great by the way, I love the picture!), Ai Weiwei is known for his wit, gentleness, and extreme compassion towards the suffering of others. He is renowned for combining art with social projects, and has dedicated volunteers who have risked their life for his causes (ex. The Sichuan Earthquake Names Project). He has his own studio called FAKE designs.

    He is an inspiration to many, but a “scholar clown” to some also. He has been accused of stealing other artists’ ideas, and has been criticized for his views against elitism and authority.

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