who is affected by stem cell research

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    Potentially--everyone. But the real question is which type of stem cell research: adult or fetal. Adult stem cell research showing the most promise as well as providing actual positive results. Unfortunately the issue has become a political football as it has become firmly attached to whole question of abortion.

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      nah its just stem cell research could be any adult.

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      There is stem cell research and then there is stem cell research. One involves embryonic cells the other adult stem cell, it seems that not all stem cells are equal. The former is still pretty much in the research phase while the latter is now providing actual cures to a whole host of problems.

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      so what ur saying i dont get who is it really affected by?

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      Which is why I qualified my answer–“potentially” everyone. It just depends on when and if there is a need for some sort of stem cell treatment. Now then, if you are framing your question within the realm of politics, that answer goes off into an entirely different universe.

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    Most notably, those suffering from neurological diseases like Huntingtons and Parkinsons, type 1 diabetes, Celiac disease, cardiac failure, and even cancer may benefit from stem cell therapy.  I’ve included some links that goes further into some of the research being conducted right now.  

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