Which US state uses wind energy the most?



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    Someone will probably find the state that generates the most, but in many cases the energy generated is not used in that state, or not exclusively in that state, so it may be challenging to determine the answer completely.

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    Texas clearly produces the most wind energy of any state. It has the capacity to produce over 8,200 megawatts of elecricity. There are over 2,000 wind turbines in West Texas! Because it produces so much, and it uses the most energy of any state, it is likely that a significant portion of energy is used within its borders. However, only 708 megawatts of this capacity is reliable, and transmission of electricity within the state is hindered by a lack of adequate transmission lines to distribute the energy from sparsely populated West Texas to more populated areas.

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      Since Texas is more or less on its own electric grid, with two others (East and West) for the whole rest of the US 48 states, that makes what Valeriec says all the more likely.

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    While Texas generates the largest aggregate volume of wind energy, the state is a much larger consumer of energy than several other states with high wind power penetration. As a result, the state ranks below Iowa (see cite #1) and a few other states for highest percent share of share of wind in electricity generation.

    In general, the greatest wind power potential exists in the plains and rocky mountain states (see map in cite #2), as well as offshore on both coasts and the Great Lakes. Texas remains in the lead for highest installed capacity in a state today, in the neighborhood of 9 gigawatts total.

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