Which invention has hurt the environment the most?



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    There are many inventions that have hurt the environment, but these are difficult to judge. For example, probably the worst invention (in terms of environment health) is the invention of human civilization. Small hunter gatherer communities had little to no impact on the environment, but the big cities we have today are terrible for the environment. More specifically, the city layouts have been poorly planned in terms of environmental impacts. However, we need cities to live in. 

    One invention that is terrible because it is completely useless is disposable water bottles. There is no reason to pay for tap quality water just because it is has a label on it. There is nothing sustainable about single use items. Terrible invention

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    Aw, I was gonna say sanitization cause it has allowed so many more people to live, therefore consuming more resources or inventing more environmentally harmful products and processes… but I agree with paclemens on all counts.

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