Which European cities are the most bicycle friendly?



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    Amsterdam is at the top of the most bicycle friendly city list, with 40% of all traffic on bicycle. Copenhagen, Denmark, is next, followed by Sandnes, Norway and Trondheim, Norway.

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    Amsterdam in the Netherlands is truly a bike-friendly place and considered the “bike capital of the world”, with 40% of traffic by bicycle. There are extensive bike lane systems and theft laws that protect bicyclists, as well as storage places throughout the city that safely hold thousands of bicycles.

    Copenhagen has recently upped its efforts and is determined to become the most bike friendly city in the world. About 1/3 of its residents use a bicycle to travel to work, and there are 217 miles of bike routes in the city. The goal, according to the city, is to get 1/2 of commuters to use bikes by 2015, and they will be expanding their lanes and focusing on giving cyclists priority in the streets.

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