Which country has the best environment track record?



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    It seems as thought Ice Land and Switzerland have the best renewable energy, make the best use of their natural means, and have the least impact on their surroundings. 

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    The Environmental Performance Index 2010 (composed by environmental experts from Yale University and Columbia University) actually examines 163 countries on 25 performance indicators and ten policy categories, some being air pollution, water quality, marine protection laws, planting new trees, etc. All categories cover environmental public health and ecosystem vitality. As you can tell, this is a very thorough assessment of all the countries, so this will be the best indicator on which countries are the greenest.

    Iceland actually received the highest score of 93.5, followed by Switzerland at 89.1, Costa Rica at 86.4, and Sweden at 86.0.

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    EPI should encourage countries to adopt environmental friendly policies. For eg: Countries like China and India which are ranked 122 and 123 repectively, have to show more responsibility towards the environment along with development.

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