Which American sport is worst for the environment?



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    The most obviously environmentally harmful American sport is auto racing.  We know that automobiles begin to lose fuel efficiency at speeds of more than 70MPH, so more than forty cars racing every week at speeds of over 200MPH produce unnecessary greenhouse gases.

    Skydiving is also environmentally harmful, considering the unnecessary fuel used by the plane.  Big game hunting can also be considered very environmentally harmful.

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    Any of the myriad sports that use internal combustion engines are bad for the environment, like motocross, NASCAR, and others. Even skiing can be bad due to the use of the chair lifts.

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    There are several ways to measure the environmental impact of sporting events. As stated previously, NASCAR and other motor sports have the most noticeable environmental impact with their usage of fossil fuels to compete. However, the question is beyond just the immediate impact. What about the impact of stadium events wit the travel and parking at stadiums and the waste it produces? I know the question was about American sports, however, below is an article about the discussion of the impact of large sporting events on the environment from an international perspective.

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    Wakeboarding is another example of a wasteful sport due to the amount of carbon released from the wakeboarding boats.  There are ways to get on a board that do not involve unnecessary greenhouse gasses such as surfing, kiteboarding and stand up paddling.

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    NASCAR for sure, which is a foolish sport anyway. Motorized bike racing is second.

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