where was the worst hail



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    The most damaging hailstorm recorded began in eastern Kansas and moved 585 km to southern Illinois. It caused $1.5 billion of insured damage and left behind 2.5- to 7.5 cm large hailstones. The storm occurred on April 10, 2001.

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    In terms of size of hailstones, the worst hail storm took place in Goalganj, Bangladesh on April 14, 1986. The stones weighed over two pounds, and 92 people lost their lives in the storm. Typically though, the worst place for hail storms and the subsequent damage they cause is the midwestern United States, between the Rocky Mountain foothills and the Mississippi River (Texas to Montana), where $500 million worth in damage is caused annually. 

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    The largest hail reported ever was actually July 23rd 2010 in Vivian, South Dakota.  The hail was confirmed at 8″ in diameter, and weighed in at almost 2 pounds!

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