Where do ticks like to hang out?



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    My aunt had a couple of big dogs, and her ENTIRE HOUSE was infested. They were crawling on the walls, in the beds, worst of all, in the bath tub. I just think any place with large furry animals is where a tick might hang out.

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    Ticks can be found in a variety of different locations.  Warm, dry climates in shrubbed or forested areas can be home to high density tick populations.  These conditions also, unfortunately, make for good camping and hiking destinations, so it’s always good to keep an eye out for the little guys when out in these sorts of wilderness conditions.  Particularly around forest edges is where you need to be careful.

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    Oak trees are known to be very popular for ticks to live.  They come out during the spring season mostly.  They definitely like to hang on to dogs as mentioned above.  Deer are known to carry ticks as well.

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