Where do most of our pumpkins grow?



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    Illinois of all the U.S. states produces the most pumpkin- much of it canned pumpkin from a few large companies. Apparently, 2010 was a particularly bad year for Illinois pumpkin production. An excess of rain caused many pumpkins to rot or not grow to full size. But that doesn’t keep Nestle from dominating the canned pumpkin industry in America. Based in Illinois, they sell around 85% of the canned pumpkin in the country, under the Libby’s brand.

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    In the US, most of our pumpkins are only grown in a few states: Illinois, California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan but according to the U. of Illinois, 90% of pumpkins are grown within a 90 mile radius of Peoria, IL.  Most pumpkins are grown for processing (and get canned) and only a small number of them are for ornamental and decoration purposes.

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