Where do canaries live?



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    Canaries originally come from the Canary Islands (guess where they got their name) Azores, Madeiras, and the other nearby islands off the coast of Western Africa. It is a tropical climate, and the canaries live in the mountains in those areas, thousands of feet above sea level and build their nests in the tops of evergreens.

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    Drum roll please. Canary birds are indigenous to the Canary Islands off of Africa’s west coast. They were first domesticated by the natives and then the Romans for their singing.

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    Canaries can also live right in your very own home!  Canaries make great pets as they require very little upkeep and can live happily as solitary birds.  A singular male makes a great pet and can keep himself content with or without your home presence.  There are many different domesticated breeds you can get.  These are differentiated on color pattern as well as song.

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