Where can I get old recycled whiskey or wine barrels?



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    Transforming whiskey barrels into rain barrels seems to be a popular niche industry, since several online vendors and manufacturers offer this specific product. In fact, the use of rain barrels is itself environmentalist – “harvesting” rainwater for activities like gardening, instead of turning on the faucet. A few parts of the US even offer financial incentives for this. (h/t http://www.aquabarrel.com/learn_faq.php#rebate)

    Whiskey barrels can also be purchased plain, or reworked for other purposes, like chilling drinks at parties. Other uses of recycled whiskey and wine barrels range from flooring to chairs. (And…cufflinks?!)

    Vendors such as Amazon.com and the environmentally-minded CleanAirGardening.com have been known to offer whiskey barrels. Direct dealers include KentuckyBarrels.com and RainBarrelsandMore.com.

    You might try inquiring personally at a local winery or distillery, too.

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