where can I get free cardboard boxes to move?



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    Most grocery stores and drug stores have boxes in their recycling which you can take. They may also have some boxes waiting for recycling, and if you go into a store and ask for extra boxes they might give them to you. The last time I needed to move I went to a grocery store and asked, everyone was very nice and gave me more boxes than I needed!

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    Free Cardboard Boxes.com is a website where users can give or receive free cardboard boxes. Basically, you get in contact with the user who posts an ad and then arrange a convenient means of pickup. Here is another website that offers the same king of thing: http://www.freecycle.org.


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    I got a tip from my moving company.  They said to call the local Vodka distillery for free boxes.  I called, and they said yes stop by anytime during business hours.  This is a good example of calling local manufacturing businesses.  Almost any manufacturing facility will have boxes to give away.

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