when was the first ever solar eclipse?



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    A solar eclipse requires three things – the Earth, the moon and the Sun. All three are around four and a half billion years old (give or take a few million years!).  There is also the question of total vs. partial eclipse – the moon may completely eclipse the sun in some parts of the world, while in other areas it’s just partial or very close … just a matter of perspective.  That being said, total solar eclipses happen SOMEWHERE on Earth every eighteen months or so, so considering the age of the Sun, moon, and Earth, the first solar eclipse would have had to been right around 4.5 billion years ago.


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    Solar eclipses have been happening billions of years before humans.  If you are referring to the first solar eclipse, The absolute first recorded solar eclipse is vague, as many ancient civilizations have practiced astornomy, but their writings about an actual eclipse were still spotty.

    One of the earliest possible recordings can be dated back to the Chinese in 2800BC, where they spotted a rhythm in sloar eclipse occurances.  If course, their belief was that a demon was blocking out the sun.

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