When did we stop using leaches for medicine?



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    Leeches have been used since 2,500 years ago right up until about the 1960s. During the 60s-80s the usage dropped a lot but then with the introduction of plastic surgery it rose again. Even today leeches are used to ease blood flow after plastic surgery. This is called hirudotherapy. 

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    Leeches are still used in relevant medicine today.  When serious diabetic infections occur, leeches have been known to sometimes be the only thing that saves a limb from being amputated.  Leeches are routinely used to drain blood from swollen faces, limbs and digits after reconstructive surgery.  Recent studies show that leeches may help to reduce pain caused by arthritis.  Similar to leeches, maggots have also reemerged recently as a natural form of medical science.

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    The answer given above is correct. The Biggest problem is finding a Hospital or Clinic that actually Use these methods. As we should know that in Todays world, Money as well as the FDA Control which items can be used as Medicine. Medicine is considered by the FDA as a product that is Man Made. Why? Because no one can put a Patent on a 100% Natural substance or animal. For instance,your Doctor can Not Prescribe you-Vitamin C. Why? Because it is Not Man Made. He/She can Advise you to take it, but by Law, they Can Not Prescribe it to you. A substance that Every Human Must have to stay Alive, Can Not be prescribed to you. Your question was about leeche. My answer is about Natural Medicine in general. Leeches can Not be Used used only by Certain Doctors. No Insurance Company will cover Treatment by way of Leeches Or Vitamins. Money is #1, our Health is #2 on the FDA as list. Very sad , but Very sad but Very tru.

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